I have known Diane for an extended period of time and worked with her directly for over six months in the process of liquidating an estate donated to our church through our foundation.  Diane was hired to coordinate the entire project.  I worked with her directly for a number of days per week for an extended period.  This was a massive project as the owners had acquired many collections of objects worth thousands of dollars.  Some of the objects were from the 1880’s  and some were massive machine tools.  The house was absolutely packed with stuff with only narrow walk ways in many rooms. 

 Diane was really the first person involved in deciding what needed to be done.  She started going through things and was able to prioritize what actions needed to be dealt with first and how to proceed.  She saw that additional help was needed and secured that so that the project was able to move forward.  She looked into groups that conducted estate sales in our area and interviewed them to select a group with the skill and ability to handle this massive project.  The sale took three days and was a resounding success.  She also negotiated with some of the buyers to bid on some of the left over objects to facilitate finishing the project. 

Diane also was able to work with family members to make sure that they were comfortable with how the estate was being handled.  This was a very trying time for them and Diane handled it with respect and grace.                             

Don N. 

Diane provided invaluable assistance in helping to move my in-laws. They lived two and a half hours away from the new facility so the move had to be carefully orchestrated. My mother-in-law has dementia and was moving into a memory care unit. My father-in-law, the more frail of the two, was moving into the same building but in his own independent apartment. Essentially, we had one day to work with the movers and set up the two apartments. In addition, my father-in-law needed to be taken to Urgent Care during the day which deflected my husband and my sister-in-law from helping with setting up the apartments.

While I directed the movers in placing boxes and furniture into the two different apartments, Diane stayed in the memory care apartment, unpacking and arranging everything so that by the afternoon, it would be set for my mother-in-law to move in. Diane worked independently and only occasionally had a question about where something might be placed.

When we left by late afternoon, everything was set and looked lovely! Diane did a beautiful job of recreating a homey atmosphere for my mother-in-law. That move happened just over two months ago and the way she set it up still functions well. We have not rearranged a thing!

Diane has a clear sense of organization and makes it happen quickly and efficiently. Yet she is also sensitive to people’s issues and presents a calm presence during hectic times. She exudes a peaceful attitude as though she has all the time in the world!

I recommend Diane to work with more situations and families such as ours. She will bring much joy to those who experience her talent and support.                                                                                                  Phyllis W.