I have lived in my home for a very long time.  The thought of moving is so overwhelming and scary.  How do I get started?

Whether you are preparing for a move to a new home or modifying your current home to “age in place”, sorting is an important first task. Decisions are made about what will stay with you and what will be discarded. How will you dispose of unwanted items? Will they be donated, given to family or friends, sold, recycled or thrown-away? Wherever you choose to live, we will develop an action plan to map out your desires and goals.  The goal for any living space is your comfort, safety and well being.

What makes a Senior Move Manager different from a moving company?

A Senior Move Manager provides a multi-faceted approach to the move process, from space planning in the beginning, to post-move support and advocacy. Hiring a Senior Move Manager can help minimize the chaos and stress that is often associated with downsizing and moving.

I’m not going to move yet, but I need help clearing out clutter from my home.  Can you help me with that?

The daunting prospect of downsizing, de-cluttering, discarding and organizing can be very overwhelming.  You may need a lot of help, or just a little encouragement and assistance.  We can help you determine your current and future needs, and provide hands-on help with tasks that will allow you to live comfortably and safely in your current home.

Who uses Senior Move Managers?

  • Older adults
  • Family members
  • Bank and trust officers
  • Geriatric Care Managers
  • Attorneys
  • Social Service providers/social workers
  • Senior living communities
  • Physicians and other health care providers
  • Realtors

Are you insured?

We are fully insured for liability.

Do you provide a written contract?

We provide a Statement of Work that explains our Scope of Services, along with our responsibilities and policies.   We review the Statement of Work with our client, step by step, so they know what to expect from us.

Can you provide references?

References will be provided, upon request.